denise zorzi


The most precious insight is, me as entity, living a human experience, where it is allowed to make mistakes. It’s not easy watching oneself while doing them, but relieving to forgive myself the one or the other thing, pursuing improvement again and again in order to continue to develop as human being…

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Continuous effort that leads to insight, I personally do sense as one of the highest form of freedom. The interest in the soul subject and the worlds related to it, runs like a golden thread through my whole life. From early age I started to read books about parapsychology, psychology and esoteric. At a later point in time this affinity led me into the research of philosophy and religions whereby the mystical component fascinated me the most.

With much gratitude I remember many encounters with people where from I learned a lot. A significant contribution came from my family, teachers, friends, working environment and most of all from the spiritual world.

Since I was 21 years old my deep spiritual love is Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. His book “Autobiography of a Yogi” reminded me of what I am and his eyes are anchored in my being.

I do think that the current era is tremendously exciting as the merge of mysticism and science seems to happen – the quantum age.

My philosophy as a human is to contribute the best possible to the events of this world while from entity perspective I use my gifts where it is appropriate. Both fill me with deep joy.