meditation could be compared with a balloon flight. by releasing burden (thoughts), the own consciousness can achieve “higher” respectively “finer” spheres.

the view that is experienced therein depends  from the awareness. In the guided meditation course technics of letting go and dissolving blockages are shown. The basic elements of concentration and visualization are specially trained. Through regular meditation the mind becomes calmer, whereby the person achieves peace, clarity and centering.

In the guided meditation different topics are reflected. Here, too, a protected environment is given where the person can fully concentrate on himself.

New participants must register before.

duration 60 minutes meditation
15 minutes debriefing, optional – for those who have questions
group: 3 – 8 people
price: chf 30
place: kornmarktgasse 4, lucerne, 2nd floor
when: Every other wednesday and thursday
time: 19:00h